The Academy Saga
Let The Academy take you away


What Others Enter In…

"Best new start to a series since Twilight and The Hunger Games"


“Filled with intrigue, sweeping romantic moments, and just a hint of the supernatural, The Academy has everything YA romance fans could wish for. A real page-turner.”
K.C. Finn

“CJ writes beautifully; an author with a unique way with words, a powerful premise, and compelling characters. The Academy is an exciting read. 5 Stars.”
Ruffina Oserio

“With unusual subtlety and skill, CJ Daly crafts a novel filled with originality and sophisticated, true-to-life characters. The Academy will have strong appeal for both young and adult readers, and anyone looking for an exciting, contemporary romance. 5 Stars.”
Christian Sia


"CJ Daly created an unforgettable story about a young woman caught up in a world of lies and deception and her struggle to save those dearest to her. She must do this by opposing a secret organization that is trying to rip her family apart. The Academy is a page turning read that ends with a twist you might not see coming."
Tony Jones, Executive Producer of the movie, My All American

"Unique, intense, and suspenseful. A story with compelling characters that will pull you into the author's world and keep you reading from beginning to end."
Jami Brumfield, New York Times best-selling author


“Daly crafts superb dialogue . . . supporting players also shine. A romance with a hint of mystery, a well-developed protagonist . . . perfectly sets up a planned sequel.”
Kirkus Review